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I just wanted to check in with you to let you know how I am doing since my bankruptcy was discharged in 2017.  I have been doing well and working on re-establishing my credit. It has been a process, but so worth it.  There is definitely life after bankruptcy. Below are my credit scores after bankruptcy and now.  I share this to let others know that hard work will pay off. The bankruptcy has been removed from both Equifax and Experian credit files before the November 2020 date and will fall off of Transunion by November. Thank you again for handling my case.

                             Experian                           Transunion                      Equifax

Jul 2017              596                                     493                                     554

Oct 2020             715                                     694                                     792

Kind regards,

– A.M. (10/12/2020)

“Thank you for helping me and ensuring the best possible outcome on my behalf. I am so grateful for your outstanding work.”

– GL (2/2/2020)

Alex Dolhancyk and staff are very professional, caring and honest. In my experience with Mr. Dolhoncyk he has always been delightful, Staff always respond quickly to your voicemail and emails, or he himself will call you back. I have recommended him to all of my friends and anyone who is looking for a Bankruptcy attorney. I think people think I work for him..lol, but I just believe in his work and integrity. – L.B. (11/2019)

“Thank you for guiding me down the path to regain my financial freedom! I appreciate everything you’ve done to make this a simple and easy process” – J.P (9/26/2018)

You and your office are the best…Happy Holidays – B.W. (12/4/2017)

“I wanted to send you a note to let you know that I really appreciated you handling my Chapter 13 case.  I’m glad I stuck with it and I am doing a great job of managing my finances. I did finally purchase a car and I am working on rebuilding my credit (scores already up about 100 points!)”
– A.M. (10/4/17)

“Alex’s skill was highlighted when I sat in the 341 meeting and listened to many other people have their cases continued because their attorneys had forgotten information or made errors. My case sailed through. Even the court staff commented on his excellent reputation!”
– Patricia (6/21/2017)

“Thank you so much for getting back in touch so quickly. We greatly appreciate how professionally and thoughtfully your entire staff has taken such excellent care of us through these trying times. We count ourselves blessed that you were put in our path to handle our case and know that without you things would not have been handled as well.”
– C & A (5/15/2017)

“Thank you SO much for your time and care yesterday afternoon.You agreed to assist me on very short notice, yet your manner was very calming and supportive.You can’t possibly understand how much that helped to uplift my spirit.”
-Shannon (4/4/2016)

“This totally made me smile! I’m a true believer that God puts people in our lives at the perfect time and for a reason.

Reflecting on the past few years we had to enter into the bankruptcy for circumstances that were out of our control. Our first concern was to provide a good home for our boys and paying back the creditors was the only option we had. Since day one, both you and Alex, have given us wise guidance and have led us to make good choices.

With all that being said, you expressed such kindness the past few weeks. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!”
– Anna (3/30/2016)