Yes, I’m the paralegal and I run the show. Just don’t tell him. Thankfully, I have two great paralegals to back me up when I need it, and I need it all the time.
Our paralegals, Debbie and Annette, have worked with us for a really long time.  I won’t say how long because they are sensitive about their ages (but Clinton was in his first term). 
I’ve been a paralegal since I was 19 – and I love what I do (and I, too, am sensitive about my current age).
The best part of my job is talking with clients and listening to what they need. Then Alex and I often talk about the best way to address our client’s concerns. We love it when clients tell us how happy they are with their case and the great results we were able to get for them. It’s an incredible feeling!
I love being busy and helping our clients, but sometimes I forget to eat lunch. So if you visit us around lunchtime, please bring me a sandwich. Seriously, though, don’t let debt interfere with your relationships, job, or even health. Call us and we’ll be with you from start to finish. (I was serious about that sandwich, though).

Michaela, Executive Paralegal