Loan Modification

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Sometimes all you need is a simple adjustment to your mortgage payment. Maybe your budget has become tighter due to a layoff or other decrease in income. There are many programs designed to assist you in seeking a modification to your mortgage payment. Our office is experienced in guiding clients in the direction that best suits them, whether you need a loan modification, refinance, or other mortgage assistance, we can help you get started down the best road for you.

A loan modification can reduce your interest rate, lower your monthly mortgage payments, and even reduce the balance on your mortgage.

Our experienced bankruptcy attorney will even review with you if you can ‘strip off’ (get rid of) your underwater second mortgage in its entirety!¬†There are many options our dedicated and caring attorney will be happy to review with you.

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If it’s your desire to make your bills fit your budget and protect your property, bankruptcy may be the best option for you. Let our Board Certified lawyer explain all of the details and benefits of this process.

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