With over 30 years of experience, attorney Dolhancyk knows how to get relief for clients from the stress due to financial difficulties. We devote as much time as needed getting to know each client in order to build a trusting relationship that will allow the attorney to provide the best services possible. Our experienced bankruptcy lawyer will accurately analyze each case and recommend a specific course of action designed to help a client end, or reduce, the impact of their financial hardships. Whatever the cause of your financial difficulties, it’s likely attorney Dolhancyk has represented someone in the same or similar situation.  He will work hard to prepare your case so you can have a second chance at financial freedom.

We use our extensive knowledge of the law, and 30 years of experience with debt issues, to guide clients on the best way to get control of their debt.

Over 30 years of bankruptcy work, I have not tired of helping clients understand their financial options. It’s a fantastic feeling seeing the relief on a client’s face when they realize how to move forward effectively. Most clients don’t know they even have options.

If you can’t sleep at night because of debt stress, then I can’t sleep either! With our help, you will get out of debt and get your life back on track!

I have fought for my clients all the way to the federal court of appeals – only one step below the U.S. Supreme Court! That’s how passionate I am about your financial well-being. Stress leads to all kinds of problems. I’m not a medical doctor, but I will do all I can to keep you healthy – physically and financially!

My helpful staff does a fantastic job of taking care of all the behind-the-scenes stuff so I can give clients all the time and attention they need.

Besides, she makes sure I don’t miss appointments or court hearings…  So, if I’m not in my driveway shooting layups with my boys, you can find me at my desk ready to answer any questions you have.